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medieval swordsman

Mary & Jason Hanks
Author & Illustrator

Mary and Jason Hanks, author and illustrator

Mary Hanks has written nineteen full-stage plays and directed twenty-four. She finds great joy in helping young people share their talents onstage, and an added bonus is getting to see her words brought to life as actors live in the story. Mary worked in Christian education for many years, but now writes full time from her country home near Blanchard, Idaho. She and Jason raised four children. Stage Wars is her second book.

Jason Hanks is a senior mechanical designer for an international company--which means he gets to create and design mechanical solutions (on his computer) for companies around the world. He works on the north side of Spokane, Washington, not too far from Green Bluff. He enjoys sketching and being creative. About thirty years ago, Mary and Jason first started talking about the possibility of her writing kids' books and him illustrating them.

"Working on Stage Wars together has been like a dream-come-true for us."

We hope you enjoy it!!

medieval swordsman

Shem Michaels from Stage Wars
Shem Michaels

Debz Elijah from Stage Wars
Debz Elijah
TJ Fortine from Stage Wars
TJ Fortine

Claire Moss from Stage Wars
Claire Moss

Philly Davidson from Stage Wars
Philly Da
Cammie Michaels from Stage Wars
Cammie Michaels