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Be enthusiastic, encouraging, on time.

No horsing around.

Enter the theater in character.

We're a team, act like one.

Listen to instructions.

Your talent is a gift from God for you to share with others. During the weeks of practices, you'll grow and build your talents, until Opening Night when you'll be ready to share your gift with a waiting audience.

Smile. Enjoy. Love Youth Theater.
It is a blessing.
I am Mrs. Dragoon. No, not Dragon. Dragoon.
I've directed 25 Youth Theater Productions.
I have a special wall in my office where the cast pictures
from all 25 shows are displayed. It's my "wall of fame".
I love watching actors become the character.
Did I say, I love Youth Theater?

Mrs. Dragoon, theater director in Stage Wars

Question: What is your favorite part of directing Youth Theater?

Well, let me see... I have two favorites. One is the first read-through. I've been thinking about the production for a long time. I've gone through all the audition steps. My judging panel and I have picked the students we think will do the best job as the characters, and I'm so anxious to hear them read their parts for the first time. I'm different from other directors in that I don't have actors remain seated during the read-through. No, no. I want them onstage, moving around even though they don't know blocking yet, and using voices and expressions as best they can. Some of my students even have a lot of their lines memorized by that first informal practice. Impressive, huh? I delight in hearing their voices and seeing how they envision their characters in this practice.

My second most favorite moment of Youth Theater is Opening Night. There's nothing like it in the whole world.

Have a question for Mrs. Dragoon? Send it to...
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medieval guards

How did you choose the actor for Prince Tanner?

You know . . . I don't give my audition panel's secrets away. I can tell you this, it was a close toss up between TJ and Shem. These boys are impressive. They love Youth Theater. They come enthusiastic. They know every word of their monologue and song. They're confident and smile. It was a really hard decision. But considering how well the show turned out, I think it was the right call, don't you?

What a show! I can't wait to direct number 26. I already know what production it's going to be. You want a little hint? Oh, maybe I shouldn't say anything just yet...

Shem Michaels from Stage Wars
Shem Michaels

Debz Elijah from Stage Wars
Debz Elijah
TJ Fortine from Stage Wars
TJ Fortine

Claire Moss from Stage Wars
Claire Moss

Philly Davidson from Stage Wars
Philly Da
Cammie Michaels from Stage Wars
Cammie Michaels