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What does TJ look like in a whirling
ride that makes him puke?

TJ on Time Spinner
Kind of scary!

To read the first scene and
synopsis of
Island of Shalamar,
click on the playbook below:

Island of Shalamar Play

Professor Plunkmeyer's wisdom
for the day:
Professor Plunkmeyer in Stage Wars
These actors need to stop messing
around with the G-60. An accident could happen!!

Fun Stuff

What does Time Spinner look like while it's
at supersonic rotations?
How about this...

Time Spinner

To ask the characters questions or to find out
more about them, click on
It will take you to
where you can interact with
Shem, Debz, TJ, and more!!

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We love talking to our friends!!

Mrs. Dragoon from Stage Wars
All I have to do is clap my hands and the actors know
I mean business. All except for one student...

Learn more from Mrs. Dragoon here.
Fun Youth Theater Game
(Also fun at parties!)

Two actors stand at the front of the room. One actor will receive basic instructions, while the other one doesn't hear. Actor 1 has crashed on, what he thinks is, a deserted island. All he can speak is gibberish. When an islander, Actor 2, approaches, Actor 1 explains to him, using only gibberish and hand motions, that he's crashed and needs help. A conversation ensues (with much hilarity) as the two try to communicate. Imagine different scenarios where they have to overcome a difficulty and make up more gibberish fun.

Shem Michaels in medieval times in Stage Wars.
Here's one of the artist's pictures from Stage Wars. In this chapter picture, Shem Michaels is hiding from medieval warriors. The illustrator is Jason Hanks. Cool, huh?

Shem Michaels from Stage Wars
Shem Michaels

Debz Elijah from Stage Wars
Debz Elijah
TJ Fortine from Stage Wars
TJ Fortine

Claire Moss from Stage Wars
Claire Moss

Philly Davidson from Stage Wars
Philly Da
Cammie Michaels from Stage Wars
Cammie Michaels